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Loss Control & Prevention Team
Full time

A Loss Control & Prevention Officer is expected to implement our company's Five Fundamentals - Quality, Assortment, Service, Value and Cleanliness. Also learn about Addide's Retailer Initiative strategy, and be trained on our Retail Information System, inventory management and ordering technology.

 Additionally, Loss Control & Prevention Officer are required to

  • Ensure prompt reconciliation of store paperwork with that of the head office.
  • Take Inventory of any selected  item randomly in the store every morning.
  • Ensure that good are received promptly and sent to the store as at when needed.
  • Report any theft and damages observed in the store.
  • Prevent as must as possible theft incidence in the Stores.
  • Ensure general servicing and maintenance systems.
  • Effect transfer from one store to the other.
  • Stand beside the till to observe and ensure sale transaction
  • Randomly check customer’s receipts.
  • You are required to devote yourself entirely to the company.

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